Online shopping: G-market

I\’ve been hearing about G-market from colleague Julie. She raves it alot, I think a convulsion will do justice for her unwavering happiness and excitement every time she gets her purchase. It wasn\’t until my housemate Ate Odette receives her shopping bundle. I was intrigued, even my blog ads were Qoo10 promos. I decided to try it myself…
After some purchases and the exhilarating moment of waiting and receiving the goodies at your mailbox. Qoo10 (changed its name last May 2012) has stolen my heart…I never looked back.
Here are some of my purchases:
Name labels
Travel pillow and multipurpose shawl.
EOS non-petrolatum lip balm. Ed Westwick uses this 😉
Online shopping may be exciting but you have to consider some factors in buying online items.
  1. Read recommendations from fellow buyers. Remember the consumers are the best critiques. If they\’re not happy with you product/service they\’ll be telling it to other friends for sure. The power of word-of-mouth.
  2. Once you\’ve bought the product you have to wait. I find it painstaking. Unlike in a regular store,   you have to wait.
  3. It\’s quite difficult buying clothes and shoes. Sizes are not really as \’exact\’ when you receive the item. This depends on the items 
  4. Qoo10 provides some cheaper alternatives to other products that we see in malls.
  5. Your payment is safe because the seller will only receive their payment if you have received the item.
  6. Qoo10 has secured payment policy.
Happy Shopping!!!

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