Food, Coffee, Movie

Chedz, Kem, Vic, Erm
I was given the chance to have a longer days off from work. Unwinding is an open option. I preferred to spend it with friends this time. 
First off, to check out what is in store for island invasion of Gerry\’s Grill.
Located @ 51 Cuppage Road Singapore 229469…It\’s quite difficult to find just take note from Og in Orchard Road go inside the street where you can see the Cuppage Terraces. Walk straight ahead then you can see the Starhub Centre facing Holiday Inn. You can see it quickly because it\’s just outside the entrance of the building.
The menu is not similar to what we have in Manila. The best, from what we\’ve eaten was the Grilled Squid (sotong). It\’s juicy and easy to mechanically digest.  The price is also affordable and reasonable. 

We are really hungry. No food shots for now.
For me and Ate Erm\’s case, after our food trip we went to watch a movie. Something to break the spell of her movie-watching-in-the-cinema-drought. Thus the movie review of how hot is Colin Farrell  of Total Recall. 
Then another coffee date for me, Chedz and Kem.
I know that this is some gasgas na kapehan for some. I just took a picture because I\’m amazed on how this coffee shop tends to appear in some unexpected location.
This shop is located beside a mall in level with its basement floor. I just hope I was able to take a pic of the whole thing. i find it amazing. Wait till I visit again the bridge near the Merlion. I swear there\’s a SB located under the bridge! 
For some vietnamese treats. I was with my photo buddy Vic to bond and talk about photography in my not-even-near-an-amateur-knowledge and his lumelevel-na-knowledge. He asked me why Vietnamese food. Just a craving (and my anticipated visit in that country- in my head). I showed him my wedding photos afterwards.
The Orange Lantern @ Harbourfront Centre

Thanks for the time guys 🙂

Apps used: Picstitch and 100 in 1 camera. the rest are raw pics from iPhone 4s

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