Music Monday: Boom Clap

An unlikely \”anthem\” for a YA Romantic movie…


Bangkok Traffic Love Story

This review is  biased. Because I have a crush with the male lead whose screen name is hard to pronounce. Hahaha!

I watched this movie out of curiosity. Because the recently released Seven Something movie has same producers with BTLS. \”It must be something?!\” I told myself when I saw the Seven Something poster in the cinemas.
Story-wise it\’s a typical boy-meets-girl love story that was set in Bangkok\’s busy BTS trains. The story caters to urban ladies with age brackets of late 20\’s to early 30\’s especially to those who had NO Boyfriend Since Birth. There was some moments in the film that are not quite coherent in some parts. It\’s forgivable though. I think the exaggerations and kaartehan of the female lead has helped to give humor. As for the male lead just look at his face and you\’re on for a box office hit.
I like it because the story is funny, bitter-sweet separation, sad realizations and homecoming. The story was unpredictable if I compare it to the typical mainstream Pinoy movie. Surprisingly, no kissing scene.
  1. It\’s all about KEN (the male lead\’s English name). He\’s so gwapo!!!
  2. Mario Maurer\’s brother Marco is one of P\’lern\’s boyfriend.
  3. It\’s a chick flick rom-com, watch it with your girlfriends.
  4. I could relate to the train locations. Hubby and I spent our honeymoon there. 
  5. I wish our LRT/MRT back home is as efficient as the BTS.

Rating: 3.5/5


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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

What is a Wallflower?
In social situations, a wallflower is a shy or unpopular individual who doesn\’t socialize or participate in activities at social events. The term comes from the image of a person isolating themselves from areas of social activities at ballroom dances and parties, where the people who did not wish to dance (or had no partner) remained close to the walls of the dance hall. —WIKIPEDIA

I felt like I\’ve watched a somewhat movie version of Catcher in the Rye. It tackles on the never-ending youth issues (e.g. bullying, sexuality, fitting in  etc.).. As movie watcher, I\’m one of the nakakarelate audience being a teenager and high school student. I don\’t know how closely the movie was interpreted from the book. My sister said it must be close because the author of the book is also the director. We\’ll never know because book and movie are two different mediums of literature/art. So I have to check out the book soon.

What I like about the movie is the presence of a role model of the teacher (Paul Rudd), supportive family and good friends. There are some unclear points in the story that I was hoping it was clearly elaborated or hinted in the book. As for the Emma Watson post-Harry Potter project, I could say she did a good job. She has grown up, speaking with no hint of British accent and proved herself that she has can progress her acting. As for \”Percy Jackson\” a good career move for a follow-up movie. Patrick is effective in his gay role. 

The OST (Original Soundtrack) am not a big fan of it (that\’s why I can\’t even describe what kind is it) but genuinely fits the feel and mood of the movie. I could relate at some point that they base their \”moments\” into a appropriate song thus the mixed tapes. Cheesy but I love it! I think they have better tastes A list of literature/book that Charlie\’s teacher has passed for him to read. It\’ll serve as my future reference of books to be read by me.

The twist and revelations on the last 1/4 parts of the movie was enthralling. You won\’t want to miss a thing. 

Rating: 7/10

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Read more about the story: HERE

Food, Coffee, Movie

Chedz, Kem, Vic, Erm
I was given the chance to have a longer days off from work. Unwinding is an open option. I preferred to spend it with friends this time. 
First off, to check out what is in store for island invasion of Gerry\’s Grill.
Located @ 51 Cuppage Road Singapore 229469…It\’s quite difficult to find just take note from Og in Orchard Road go inside the street where you can see the Cuppage Terraces. Walk straight ahead then you can see the Starhub Centre facing Holiday Inn. You can see it quickly because it\’s just outside the entrance of the building.
The menu is not similar to what we have in Manila. The best, from what we\’ve eaten was the Grilled Squid (sotong). It\’s juicy and easy to mechanically digest.  The price is also affordable and reasonable. 

We are really hungry. No food shots for now.
For me and Ate Erm\’s case, after our food trip we went to watch a movie. Something to break the spell of her movie-watching-in-the-cinema-drought. Thus the movie review of how hot is Colin Farrell  of Total Recall. 
Then another coffee date for me, Chedz and Kem.
I know that this is some gasgas na kapehan for some. I just took a picture because I\’m amazed on how this coffee shop tends to appear in some unexpected location.
This shop is located beside a mall in level with its basement floor. I just hope I was able to take a pic of the whole thing. i find it amazing. Wait till I visit again the bridge near the Merlion. I swear there\’s a SB located under the bridge! 
For some vietnamese treats. I was with my photo buddy Vic to bond and talk about photography in my not-even-near-an-amateur-knowledge and his lumelevel-na-knowledge. He asked me why Vietnamese food. Just a craving (and my anticipated visit in that country- in my head). I showed him my wedding photos afterwards.
The Orange Lantern @ Harbourfront Centre

Thanks for the time guys 🙂

Apps used: Picstitch and 100 in 1 camera. the rest are raw pics from iPhone 4s

Total Recall

The remake of the 90\’s movie of the Governator. I wasn\’t really able to see the original but I remember my friend Chit telling us something about a woman with three breast that was not shown in the TV telecast. It looks like, this is where it came from. Though I\’m not really sure about its relevance in the movie. 
The movie is just BLAND. Though the robots, special effects, futuristic set-up are all OK thanks to Hollywood technology that all that it has. Even the fight scenes and car chase are plain boring. 
For the actors, I just have to say Colin Farrell is HOT! I thought he\’s a goner and I never thought he could act helpless and vulnerable. And with all that shave beard, I just really want to look at him. Because most of the time I see him as a villain or a tough antagonist. Kate Beckinsale can kick ass. I just love her cat fight with Jessica Biel. 
I\’m just wandering how come Kate\’s character wants to Colin when she was ordered to bring him alive to the BOSS. The Colony looks like a combination of some Asian cities. I\’m just wondering how come Asia is still viewed as to what was shown in the movie?
Rating: 3/5

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The animated movie adaptation of Rapunzel brought to you by Disney Films. It may be the typical once-upon-a-time and they-lived-happily-ever-after story but, the twists made the difference. The strength of the movie are the lessons it conveys I could very well relate to.
The best and sweetest moment for me is the lighting of the sky lanterns.
Finally, Rapunzel fulfilling her dream of seeing the sky lanterns up close.
Beautiful…I hope I could see the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand.
He really is a pretty boy…*Le sigh
uuyyy moment
  • Make your dreams happen. Though you might need the help of others along the way, the first step should always be initiated by you.
  • Don\’t be afraid to dream. No such thing as a big or small dream.
  • Give thanks to those who helped you along the way.
  • Escape your comfort zone and explore the world. Possibilities are endless when the world is your playground.
  • You learn from your mistakes. It makes you stronger, smarter and be a bit of a fighter. 
  • GIRLS, learn how to do self-defense. Seriously! In these tough and trying times a girl has to know how to defend oneself. 

Over-all the movie is fun and entertaining. I have to give kudos to  Pascal, Max and the Thugs. They are too cute for words.

Pascal the Chameleon
Pub Thugs
Rating: 4/5
It\’s nice to watch over and over again.
Photo Credits: Disney Pictures