Total Recall

The remake of the 90\’s movie of the Governator. I wasn\’t really able to see the original but I remember my friend Chit telling us something about a woman with three breast that was not shown in the TV telecast. It looks like, this is where it came from. Though I\’m not really sure about its relevance in the movie. 
The movie is just BLAND. Though the robots, special effects, futuristic set-up are all OK thanks to Hollywood technology that all that it has. Even the fight scenes and car chase are plain boring. 
For the actors, I just have to say Colin Farrell is HOT! I thought he\’s a goner and I never thought he could act helpless and vulnerable. And with all that shave beard, I just really want to look at him. Because most of the time I see him as a villain or a tough antagonist. Kate Beckinsale can kick ass. I just love her cat fight with Jessica Biel. 
I\’m just wandering how come Kate\’s character wants to Colin when she was ordered to bring him alive to the BOSS. The Colony looks like a combination of some Asian cities. I\’m just wondering how come Asia is still viewed as to what was shown in the movie?
Rating: 3/5

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