Bangkok Traffic Love Story

This review is  biased. Because I have a crush with the male lead whose screen name is hard to pronounce. Hahaha!

I watched this movie out of curiosity. Because the recently released Seven Something movie has same producers with BTLS. \”It must be something?!\” I told myself when I saw the Seven Something poster in the cinemas.
Story-wise it\’s a typical boy-meets-girl love story that was set in Bangkok\’s busy BTS trains. The story caters to urban ladies with age brackets of late 20\’s to early 30\’s especially to those who had NO Boyfriend Since Birth. There was some moments in the film that are not quite coherent in some parts. It\’s forgivable though. I think the exaggerations and kaartehan of the female lead has helped to give humor. As for the male lead just look at his face and you\’re on for a box office hit.
I like it because the story is funny, bitter-sweet separation, sad realizations and homecoming. The story was unpredictable if I compare it to the typical mainstream Pinoy movie. Surprisingly, no kissing scene.
  1. It\’s all about KEN (the male lead\’s English name). He\’s so gwapo!!!
  2. Mario Maurer\’s brother Marco is one of P\’lern\’s boyfriend.
  3. It\’s a chick flick rom-com, watch it with your girlfriends.
  4. I could relate to the train locations. Hubby and I spent our honeymoon there. 
  5. I wish our LRT/MRT back home is as efficient as the BTS.

Rating: 3.5/5


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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

What is a Wallflower?
In social situations, a wallflower is a shy or unpopular individual who doesn\’t socialize or participate in activities at social events. The term comes from the image of a person isolating themselves from areas of social activities at ballroom dances and parties, where the people who did not wish to dance (or had no partner) remained close to the walls of the dance hall. —WIKIPEDIA

I felt like I\’ve watched a somewhat movie version of Catcher in the Rye. It tackles on the never-ending youth issues (e.g. bullying, sexuality, fitting in  etc.).. As movie watcher, I\’m one of the nakakarelate audience being a teenager and high school student. I don\’t know how closely the movie was interpreted from the book. My sister said it must be close because the author of the book is also the director. We\’ll never know because book and movie are two different mediums of literature/art. So I have to check out the book soon.

What I like about the movie is the presence of a role model of the teacher (Paul Rudd), supportive family and good friends. There are some unclear points in the story that I was hoping it was clearly elaborated or hinted in the book. As for the Emma Watson post-Harry Potter project, I could say she did a good job. She has grown up, speaking with no hint of British accent and proved herself that she has can progress her acting. As for \”Percy Jackson\” a good career move for a follow-up movie. Patrick is effective in his gay role. 

The OST (Original Soundtrack) am not a big fan of it (that\’s why I can\’t even describe what kind is it) but genuinely fits the feel and mood of the movie. I could relate at some point that they base their \”moments\” into a appropriate song thus the mixed tapes. Cheesy but I love it! I think they have better tastes A list of literature/book that Charlie\’s teacher has passed for him to read. It\’ll serve as my future reference of books to be read by me.

The twist and revelations on the last 1/4 parts of the movie was enthralling. You won\’t want to miss a thing. 

Rating: 7/10

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Read more about the story: HERE

Total Recall

The remake of the 90\’s movie of the Governator. I wasn\’t really able to see the original but I remember my friend Chit telling us something about a woman with three breast that was not shown in the TV telecast. It looks like, this is where it came from. Though I\’m not really sure about its relevance in the movie. 
The movie is just BLAND. Though the robots, special effects, futuristic set-up are all OK thanks to Hollywood technology that all that it has. Even the fight scenes and car chase are plain boring. 
For the actors, I just have to say Colin Farrell is HOT! I thought he\’s a goner and I never thought he could act helpless and vulnerable. And with all that shave beard, I just really want to look at him. Because most of the time I see him as a villain or a tough antagonist. Kate Beckinsale can kick ass. I just love her cat fight with Jessica Biel. 
I\’m just wandering how come Kate\’s character wants to Colin when she was ordered to bring him alive to the BOSS. The Colony looks like a combination of some Asian cities. I\’m just wondering how come Asia is still viewed as to what was shown in the movie?
Rating: 3/5

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The Expendables 2

Action packed, blood splattering, testosterone induced, brawn, guns, hard-core gym muscles and punchlines all packed into a dream team of action stars. I\’ve grown up knowing some of the guys because Dad is an action film fan may it be Pinoy, Chinese or American. Up until now actually, I remember getting him an external memory disk. He asked my sissies to fill it up with his favorite action movies. Teehee 😉 Actually the above shown team are lacking with a Steven Segal and Jackie Chan.
My initial thoughts when the movie was starting, \”Gahd I wasted $11.50 for some noise pollution of guns.\” Turns out, it\’s just the icing of the cake. I found myself laughing at their \’moments\’ and soft side. I also found myself flinching and shouting (which 65% of the watchers does) due to blood splatter from multiple gunshots and fight scenes. Take note, I\’m entertained meaning I was able to laugh at the \’punchlines\’ even if 75% of Stallone\’s face has no evidence of twitching or contraction. Story-wise not as complex as it seems to be. I wasn\’t able to watch the first so I\’m not sure if there\’s any connection/significance from the first movie to this prequel. 
 All of them has their moment:
  1. Stallone- Barney Ross is the leader of the gang. He\’s a leader with a heart. Really! Don\’t let his looks, skulls and physique intimidate you. He\’s the foundation of this expendables without him they\’re nothing. He\’s a great example of a leader.
  2. Statham- In his oozing maleness and appeal his weakness: a WOMAN. His on-screen girlfriend.
  3. Schwarzenegger- Is this his comeback movie? Swabeng panggulo.
  4. Norris- Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris. Amidst the facts, jokes and more facts. He\’s the Lone Wolf that joined that pack.
  5. Li- I wish they kept him longer in the film. Of course he never failed to amaze me with his martial arts.
  6. Lundgren- His vulnerability showed when his love interest is not interested with him at all. He looks serious but some of the comedic antics came from him. Unexpected really.
  7. Van Damme- This is the first time I saw him as antagonist. It suits him. The dead pan/heartless facial expression and monotone Russian-like accent. The role is made for him. I\’ve remembered because of his high kicks. He still has the kicking shizzles.
  8. Willis- Isa pang panggulo. Una galit kay Stallone, tapos sa huli makikijoin sa party. Ano beh! Gulo mo kuya.
  9. Couture- da who?
  10. Crews- When I see him all I could think of is White Chicks. I\’m really impressed with his ripped body for his age. I thought his veins are going to explode when he was pulling apart the compartment door in the airplane scene. His softie-ness was shown while cooking his food and asked the question \”What would you like to eat before you die?\” I swear I thought \”Thousand Miles\” will be played in the background.
  11. Liam Hemsworth- The younger brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The pretty boy, sniper and heart-breaker. He broke my heart when his character died early-on and left behind a French girlfriend who works as nurse. I thought the movie has finished when he died. Calling Miley Cyrus! Please don\’t break his heart.
  12. Nan Yu- I wish they gave her more kick-ass fight scenes that could justify her claim that she doesn\’t need to be looked after.

Rating: 3/5

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Snow White & The Huntsman

One of our post-gym activity is to go to the cinema and watch a movie (for reasons that the gym is steps away from the movie house, I\’m a member of this said movie house and price of tickets are cheaper before 4PM).
Looks like the Hollywood trend nowadays are retelling our good old fairy tales. May it be on TV (Once Upon A Time, Grimm) and previous movies (Alice in Wonderland, Mirror, Mirror, Beastly). For me, its a good thing because,it  veer us away from the usual. In a way, it still tickles our imagination. Though this fairy tale rehash is nothing new, as far as I can remember I had watched this kind of movies when I was kid. Well, who knows it may be longer than that.

Back to the movie…

  • The special effects, costumes and colors used to depict all the different scenarios in the movie are excellent. As expected.
  • Charlize Theron is ravishing as the Evil Queen. It seems like the story revolved around her. From how she was \’rescued\’ till death, everything is queen centered. The movie poster teaser speaks a lot about her role.
  • Kristen Stewart\’s acting is very much like when she\’s in Twilight. Except there\’s no exaggerated blinking of eyes and annoying stutters. I still can\’t tell whether she\’s scared, happy, angry, constipated or what.The only moment that she had was when she woke up after the KISS and declared was to reclaim the throne that is rightfully hers. I should say GIRL POWER!!! As for the rest of her acting assignment for this movie, FAIL.
  • Chris Hemsworth\’s manliness made him perfect for his role as Huntsman. Nah! I have a crush on him (BIASED!) Hihihi…He reminds me of my husband.
  • I just wish they showed some flashbacks of Huntsman\’s wife when he\’s looking at Snow. So as to indicate how he was attracted or how he fell in love. Good thing they showed flashbacks of Ravenna\’s past life, I understood all the anger, hatred and how she got her powers. But how come her powers didn\’t save their family from poverty even before their mom was taken away? 
  • William is the perfect distraction and middle man of the Huntsman and Snow\’s love story
  • The eight dwarfs delivered a light humor to the movie. My heart broke when this dwarf who likes Snow very much died for her. That left seven of them
  • Ravenna\’s brother Finn has a very distracting apple cut hair.
  • The mirror on the wall has evolved. From the usual glass mirror, it\’s made of gold and when summoned forms into a creepy-hooded-person-even-if-face-was-not-shown.
  • The TWIST or the unexpected moment was when William and Snow White are flirting on the snow when it turns out it was Ravenna. And then this thought came to my mind \”Kaya mo naman palang hanapin sa sarili mo ang dami mo pang inutusan, GAGA!\”
  • Good thing the love story stopped from the Snow and Huntsman kiss. If not it will be another typical fairytale ending.
  • Since this movie is from the producers of Alice in Wonderland, Snow White is another fairytale Messiah. She died and came back to life. Awakened to save her people from evil. To bring back prosperity from the fallen kingdom. Especially when the huge deer appeared from this huge tree, I felt it was quite biblical in a way that I can\’t explain. 
All in all the movie is not super awesome but not really lame. If the loopholes was not there, it would be a perfect adaptation.

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Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

Last night, I witnessed the EPIC ending for this EPIC story. The atmosphere in the cinema was very uptight. Maybe, due to the audiences\’ desire to grasp every last detail of the movie. Heart-wrenching as it may seem, many deaths were witnessed. Peace is restored and Voldemort was destroyed.  
I want to celebrate the unsung heroes of the story: 
Severus Snape – Been saving Harry\’s ass for most of his lifetime (and to think that he\’s the mukhang kontra-bulate). 
Neville Longbottom- Once again standing up for his friends. In the end, he\’s that other person who deserves Gryffindor sword. I\’m a bit disappointed,  he wasn\’t shown in the epilogue of them as grown-ups (though he was mentioned by Hermione).

I swear I heard someone from the audience sobbing.