Snow White & The Huntsman

One of our post-gym activity is to go to the cinema and watch a movie (for reasons that the gym is steps away from the movie house, I\’m a member of this said movie house and price of tickets are cheaper before 4PM).
Looks like the Hollywood trend nowadays are retelling our good old fairy tales. May it be on TV (Once Upon A Time, Grimm) and previous movies (Alice in Wonderland, Mirror, Mirror, Beastly). For me, its a good thing because,it  veer us away from the usual. In a way, it still tickles our imagination. Though this fairy tale rehash is nothing new, as far as I can remember I had watched this kind of movies when I was kid. Well, who knows it may be longer than that.

Back to the movie…

  • The special effects, costumes and colors used to depict all the different scenarios in the movie are excellent. As expected.
  • Charlize Theron is ravishing as the Evil Queen. It seems like the story revolved around her. From how she was \’rescued\’ till death, everything is queen centered. The movie poster teaser speaks a lot about her role.
  • Kristen Stewart\’s acting is very much like when she\’s in Twilight. Except there\’s no exaggerated blinking of eyes and annoying stutters. I still can\’t tell whether she\’s scared, happy, angry, constipated or what.The only moment that she had was when she woke up after the KISS and declared was to reclaim the throne that is rightfully hers. I should say GIRL POWER!!! As for the rest of her acting assignment for this movie, FAIL.
  • Chris Hemsworth\’s manliness made him perfect for his role as Huntsman. Nah! I have a crush on him (BIASED!) Hihihi…He reminds me of my husband.
  • I just wish they showed some flashbacks of Huntsman\’s wife when he\’s looking at Snow. So as to indicate how he was attracted or how he fell in love. Good thing they showed flashbacks of Ravenna\’s past life, I understood all the anger, hatred and how she got her powers. But how come her powers didn\’t save their family from poverty even before their mom was taken away? 
  • William is the perfect distraction and middle man of the Huntsman and Snow\’s love story
  • The eight dwarfs delivered a light humor to the movie. My heart broke when this dwarf who likes Snow very much died for her. That left seven of them
  • Ravenna\’s brother Finn has a very distracting apple cut hair.
  • The mirror on the wall has evolved. From the usual glass mirror, it\’s made of gold and when summoned forms into a creepy-hooded-person-even-if-face-was-not-shown.
  • The TWIST or the unexpected moment was when William and Snow White are flirting on the snow when it turns out it was Ravenna. And then this thought came to my mind \”Kaya mo naman palang hanapin sa sarili mo ang dami mo pang inutusan, GAGA!\”
  • Good thing the love story stopped from the Snow and Huntsman kiss. If not it will be another typical fairytale ending.
  • Since this movie is from the producers of Alice in Wonderland, Snow White is another fairytale Messiah. She died and came back to life. Awakened to save her people from evil. To bring back prosperity from the fallen kingdom. Especially when the huge deer appeared from this huge tree, I felt it was quite biblical in a way that I can\’t explain. 
All in all the movie is not super awesome but not really lame. If the loopholes was not there, it would be a perfect adaptation.

Photo from here.

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