Recently, I had a chat with a doctor colleague (he\’s Filipino) in my workplace. We were super busy. Despite the circumstances, we chatted a little after we settled. Out of the blue he told me \”Ma\’m nag-boblog ka pala! Kasi one time nakita ko nagpost ka sa facebook. Ayun binasa ko. Nakakatuwa.\” I was like…\”Really!!! All the while I thought mga kapatid ko lang ang nagbabasa nun. I\’m happy na may natutuwa naman sa mga pinagsusulat ko.\” 
I redeveloped my blog\’s concept to  maintain my written English coherence, relieve stress, pass time and share what I know…Positive vibes lang. Ayaw ko na ng nega like my first blog where my rants are documented. Don\’t get me wrong, I don\’t have a perfect life, I just want to appreciate what I can do and what I have. 
I\’m glad that there are a few people who take time to comment. Meaning, I can stir interest. Thank you. I hope to see more of you wherever you are.

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