Music Monday: It\’s Gonna Be Me

With the recent reunion of N*SYNC, my 90\’s boyband memories came all back to me. We had a great time back then. MTV is literally a music video channel, MP3 was just being introduced by Sony, we have audio cassette tapes instead of CD\’s because we have no CD player (both are expensive) etc. etc. Because of this, the VMAs was suddenly interesting again. 
Too bad the Y2K bug must have bitten me hard, that made me outgrow MTV, VMAs and EMAs. When in the past I wouldn\’t miss any of this award shows (including Billboard\’s, AMA, Grammy etc. just as long Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls are there). 
The N*SYNC performance was one of the saving grace of the show. Everybody knows that.
Miley you will never be a Britney.

Anyway, It\’s gonna be me was my one faves from the No Strings Attached album. I liked it for the cool music video, dance steps and my DC classmates used the song for a production number during Homeroom.


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