The Devil Wears Sephora

My make-up look sometimes is a swipe of lip balm, lip-gloss or a VERY RED lipstick so I don\’t have to retouch during my shift. I\’ve already declared blush application a \”CURSE\” for it brought me bad shifts (nursing superstition so bear with us \’cause it really happens). 
I have a make-up history though. I remember applying make-up to my dolls using mom\’s Pupa Make-up. Imagine her horror seeing her kit and my dolls. I\’m always fascinated everytime mom applies make-up, so ginawa kong guinea pig ang dolls. So every time mom will receive make-up gifts I tend to look at it for a long time or apply it to my face. 
Fast forward during my PGO days that was 5th grade to 2nd year HS. Where we perform in various schools, churches and conventions. We can\’t afford to hire a MUA everytime we go out, so I pushed myself to learn. But I don\’t wear it everyday. I was still in Pinas where even before I step out of the house, I\’m sweating the make-up off. Not even in SG where they have the same weather. I still practice doing it from time to time. I went a bit radical during college years by wearing bright colored eye-shadows only. I did get noticed and I don\’t care if it was a good or bad way. Then my seatmate Rina gifted me a Penshoppe Blush then Cherryl taught me how to apply it.

Wow! So colorful!

Super fast forward to the days that I can afford to buy my own make-up and Cecil introduced me to Sephora (Singapore). Though my first love is Bobbi Brown, Sephora has lots of options with its vast store of make-up, skin care, fragrances etc. But beware, if you ask for the sales personnel/make-up artists they will sales talk you to death (with demos of course!). The next thing you know you\’re buying a lot LOL. But in a good way because all of the recommended stuff are all great for my make-up shizzle. If you are the type of person who can\’t control how you spend, Sephora is a devil in disguise. Everytime I see its sign am mesmerized. Good thing I have limited money when I arrived here in the US.

Eversince I was educated by Bobbi Brown pipz, Sephora pipz and Ate Cechile (MUA during my wedding, actually it\’s more on asking a lot of questions) I became observant with how a make-up was done. Though I\’m not too detailed with my observations, I leave it to the pros.

When my colleagues and I watched Oz the Great and Powerful. I just loved Mila Kunis\’ fiery and intense eyes. Turns out it was from Urban Decay. They released a pallette for Team Theodora and Team Glinda. Again it was sold at Sephora stores for a limited time.

While resisting Sephora, I stumbled upon Drugstore Princess\’ website.

Welcome to – my name is Hilary Ball, and I am the real DSP!  I’m really happy that you found this blog, because the bigger this community grows, the more we’ll be able to learn from one another.  This site is meant to be like an online beauty magazine – pages and pages of useful information, helpful advice, and beautiful pictures to give you inspiration.  DSP is supposed to be an interactive site – ask your own questions, comment on others’, and share posts with others!  It’s impossible for one person to know everything – so hopefully I can teach you a few things, and you’ll learn things from others as well.   —SOURCE

Don\’t get her wrong she also love Sephora and other high end items. But who doesn\’t want to save their precious money by using dupes from the well-loved drugstore products. Since I moved-in the US I can relate more to her favorite products.

I think Sephora is good to people who wants opinion on which make-up suits them especially the beginners and after beginner\’s level up. The make-up techniques that I\’m using today, I got it from them. But you don\’t have to say yes to whatever they recommend for you. Just be honest that you only have a certain budget. They\’ll come up with something, trust me.


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