Linklovin 3 – Quit Day Job Then Travel

If my situation right now has been the complete opposite, I would like to travel the world SOLO. How I wish I used my money wisely and saved up for it. But that\’s the thing of the past now. Everything that I know now are because of my past mistakes that served as life lessons. I\’m also thankful that I\’ve met a lot of people who are very open-minded. For me, living and working in Singapore was my game-changer. My perspective to life changed. I even remember Nerisa (my Malay colleague) that I think differently and very open to try other options.
Don\’t get me wrong, I love what I have right now. And if it wasn\’t for my day job, I couldn\’t have met my husband. What I want now is to travel the world with my family. Although not exactly the kind of travel that this link-lovin\’ folks did. We all have different choices.

What I want to happen is to work part-time on my chosen profession (if possible). Think of a business that could keep me occupied and earning. If a baby comes along the way, (I want to be hands-on with child-rearing) I have a fall-back. Of course, a planned travel from time to time won\’t hurt. Anyway this won\’t be happening all at the same time. I\’m still open for other opportunities.

For all the single 20 somethings, let this links be an inspiration. I don\’t encourage to follow exactly what these people had done, because the truth is everyone of has different issues, upbringing and mind-set. At lalong di ko rin sinabing mag-resign kayo agad-agad sa mga trabaho nyo! Read and learn from the experts who have been there done that.

Ask yourselves, Hanggang dito na lang ba talaga ako? May iba pa ba akong kayang gawin?  Lagi na lang ba ganito? Bakit wala akong nararating? Bakit parang di nakakatulong ang mga taong nakapalibot sa akin? Evaluate yourself. Malaki ang mundo para mag-move on.
  1. The Poor Traveler
  2. Just One Way Ticket
  3. Wandering Earl
  4. They want to travel for the rest of their life

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