Music Monday: Penguin Prison

My husband is a music lover of different genres. With his quiet nature, I didn\’t expect him to be one. From the 60\’s until the present he has favorites. Though he\’s been living in the US for a longtime he still appreciates OPM especially from bands like Rocksteddy, Rivermaya, Eraseheads He grew up during the New Wave Era thus the obvious attachment (I didn\’t know till now that Bizarre Love Triangle was from NWE). For him, Depeche Mode is the greatest band of all time. Because DM has survived after the New Wave, outlived the 90\’s and surpassed the New Millenium. He\’s also a fanboy of Duran Duran having sported their hair when he was younger (I\’m still looking for evidence, I want to see how he looks like). I discovered Lorde because of him (kaya lang pinagsawaan na niya ang Royals). The list goes on. 
I also noticed his speaker collection from inside the house up to his truck. I was stunned! Why would one person needs so much of those! But I need to understand him like how he tries to understand the need of using different brushes when I apply make-up. I asked him why and answered back \”Because I care about my music!\” WOW!  Ikaw na ang super caring sa music. Same thing with watching a film. That\’s why we don\’t watch movies in the cinema. Our surround sound system are comparable to movie house standards. Kulang na nga lang 3D.
The song for today was from his random FM radio-heard selection. Good thing, Sound Hound is ever reliable for Seff\’s music researches.
Happy Monday to everyone

Photo Source of Duran Duran

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