It\’s Never Too Late For Resolutions

I decided to lay-out my plans for the year, three months too late (LOL). Well, it\’s never too late for some change and improvement.

My photo-taking skills has not improved. Well for starters, I haven\’t really practiced at all! Though I\’ve read some lessons on the basics but I have difficulty understanding it. I cringe, every time I see it in Facebook. I\’ve decided to delete most of it. I won\’t be posting much on Facebook because it urges me to edit in a hurry. Results were \”blah\” and unimpressive. I\’ll just post photos in the blog and Flickr.
I don\’t plan to become a professional photographer but, as a blogger my photograph has to have \”oomph.\” It needs to stand-out, evoke emotions and  awe.

Travel more…
This year will most probably cater to local travel. Me and my husband has yet to stabilize our finances to afford it. Hopefully, at least one to two locations. I\’m looking forward to travel via the Amtrak.
I love arts and crafts! 
I\’m fascinated with it especially when I was younger. My mind might have been brainwashed with \”pressing issues\” before. But now, there\’s no holding back. I am exploring creative opportunities. If the internet was developed earlier, I should have known that there are lots of people who share my passion. 
I\’ve been in crocheting hiatus since I became a nurse. I hate the fact that I\’ve neglected it for many years. Despite the time, I\’m still glad that re-orientation with the hook and yarn were like the old times. I\’m now half way through a scarf and finished a plastic container (you heard me right, I used a plastic bag).
I decided to document my art/craft journey by blogging. I will be using Tumblr this time around. 

I want to add painting (water-color), lino-cutting, sewing and calligraphy.I\’ll try my best to learn patiently. I\’m excited!
I know I can\’t accomplish everything, all at the same time. I made my list to keep me focused. I might discover something better along the way. At least, I can say to myself that I\’ve tried and lead me to a  certain
direction. A path of self-improvement and reinvention.

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