San Diego | Cowles Mountain



Cowles Mountain (pronounced coals) is a prominent mountain located in the San Carlos neighborhood, within the City of San Diego, San Diego County, California. The 1,593-foot (486 m) summit is the highest point of the city of San Diego. — SOURCE

This was my first ever hike in my life! I’ve never done anything like this in the Philippines or Singapore. I was introduced to hiking by Seff. It’s hard at first but it all pays off once you’re on top of the summit. I just love panoramic and picturesque views. Ever since this memorable fourth of July (2014), I’m hooked with hiking.


This was the time my kit lens was damaged. Good thing I brought my 50mm but, I don’t know how to use it properly (during this hike).


Here’s to future hikes! May it be locally or international. cm131



Till next time!

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