San Diego | Liberty Public Market



Liberty Public Market is a 7-day a week Public Market and event venue offering the best of what the region has to offer. Showcasing a rustic environment with prepared foods, beer, wine, specialty cocktails, produce, fish, desserts and pastries, pastas, arts and crafts, a test kitchen, pop up dinners, and educational driven events. —SOURCE


We’re famished as we leave Sunset Cliffs. The nearest place that I can think of is Liberty Station. Since we never really explored the place, Seff agreed. We decided to try Fig Tree Eatery. The place is good. I want to come back and try the other selection in the menu. Untitled

Seff even tried the acai antioxidant shot. Untitled


Liberty station used to be a Navy Training Center. I think the last batch of Navy newbies who trained here was during the early 90’s. Aside from being a Naval historic hub, its also an arts and culture district.  Carefully curated array of shops, museums and shops enriches the culture vulture in us. (This is just me, as a culture vulture myself). Untitled


After our late lunch, we strolled around and realized we are nearby  Liberty Public Market. My first thought based on where I came from, we say public market it means palengke or wet market (just google it). But here in San Diego,  it’s one great food hall. It’s a Saturday and the place was packed.Untitled

I want ice cream! A good place for dessert. Mootime Creamery is also available in Coronado near the Hotel del Rey. In this stall, they have baked goodies as well. UntitledIMG_2254

A scoop of my all time fave chocolate and banana-nutella. I ordered the waffle cup to make it prettier to eat.Untitled



We had a chance to come on a weekday (Tuesday around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM to be exact). It has a calmer atmosphere. A nice time to browse. I had a nice chat with the storekeeper of Le Parfait Paris. I follow them on Instagram and they’re on my list of places to visit/eat next.Untitled

I want to eat rice so we bought Mama Made Thai. Chicken curry but not sure what type. It was served hot and it was oh so gooooood! I’m a sauce-lover especially when served with steaming hot white rice. I just wished I ordered ice cold Coke to blow my mind. 


Till next time! On a side note, I love the raised beds-mini garden. You can find this on the side where the Food Hall is located.Untitled


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