San Diego | Sunset Cliff Natural Park



Dedicated in 1983, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a 68-acre City of San Diego regional park which extends 1½ miles along the Point Loma peninsula’s western shoreline. This unique coastal environment features expansive ocean views, dramatic cliff formations and caves, a fascinating intertidal area, and native coastal sage scrub habitat, which provides connectivity to the adjacent Point Loma Ecological Reserve. Sunset Cliffs has long served as an attraction for San Diego residents as well as national and international visitors.  — SOURCE

This is where we went next after Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. It’s approximately a 5-10 minute drive from Fort Rosecrans. Sunset Cliffs is largely a residential area. Parking is a little difficult.

Sunset Cliffs is a surfer’s paradise. The waves are awesome, I can’t blame them. For non-surfers (like us), you can still enjoy by hiking, exploring the tide pools and photo-taking. A little caution though, be careful when walking on the cliffs there was an accident that didn’t end well.

The stairs that leads to the tide pool.


We didn’t explored much because we were hungry already. I just want my photos! We will be coming back again soon.  I think we came during low tide. Untitled



Natural erosion has taken its course along the cliffs. I’m wondering how much will change for the next 20-30 years.





I just love panoramic views. Till next time Sunset Cliffs.



To be continued…

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