The Sunday Currently || 003


I missed 2 Sundays. Crap! I suck 😫

READING – None 😭

WRITING – Journal and reviewing some old blog post

LISTEN – The dryer. Laundry day!!!!!

THINKING – What to post next on my vlog? 🤔

SMELLING – Laundry detergent and fabric softener.

WISHING – I have limitless money to buy my bags and shoe collection!!!

HOPING -To get through nicely my last day of driving class 🙏🏼

WEARING- My husband’s pullover jacket with hoodie from his Seabees days.

LOVING – My new shoes. Adidas Ourtset Blush – Way better than my Stan Smiths IMHO.

WANTING – A lighter version of Converse Chuck Taylors.

NEEDING – Vans Ultracush shoes. I’m torn between the checkered and the sk8r chenes. If I have  the limitless money I don’t need to be torn LOL 😜

FEELING – Cold! I’m in my sweat pants again!
CLICKING – looking for other job opportunities.


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