The Sunday Currently || 020


I look pale here 🤔
📸 10/17/2020

READING – Reading my ECG workbook. I didn’t pass my test the first time. It’s my fault though, super out of focus! I have to take it again after 2 weeks.

WRITING – None. I was contemplating on doing one earlier but, I have a lot of things in my head. I forgot all about doing it.

LISTEN – Finesse Remix by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

THINKING – About a lot of things. Overwhelmed, on a more specific term.

SMELLING – My hair smells good. Bagong goli hehehehe

WISHING – I can do all the things I needed to do. Just like how Thanos snapped his fingers and annihilated half of the human race. But I’m no madman, so pwedeng yung haters ko na lang ang mawala. Para mabaawasan naman ang mundo ng mga panget.

HOPING – For this pandemic to be over. Napapagod na ako sa COVID-19 na ito ha, hindi nakakatuwa. Tapos umakyat pa ang dugo ko sa kanila, tinalakan ang nurse for what reason?

WEARING- My oversized Scooby Doo T-shirt.

LOVING – The silence. I prefer doing stuff at night because I like it nice and quiet.

WANTING – Travel to Mexico again. Maybe Cabo San Lucas the next time.

NEEDING – My eyebrows needs a threading session! Refer to the pic above.

FEELING – Tired x5. I will explain it later on a video.

CLICKING – Some random youtube vids.


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