The Sunday Currently || 021


It was a chill Halloween for us. As much as I wanted to give out candies and dress up, we opted for a chill night. I cooked arrozcaldo and sopas. I’ve been craving for sopas the last 2 weeks. Today November 1, I cleaned the bathroom and my sink who is crying out for help 😅. Joseph vacuumed the rooms and he missed the closet 😬. I’ll do it tomorrow, if time permits.

READING – I always tell, I don’t read anything at this time. But webtoon is a reading material right?!

WRITING – I wrote some new goals for my vlog and blog. Does that count?

LISTEN – Silence.

THINKING – How can I do better in life? It’s a serious question to myself.


WISHING – I can just stay at home forever, travel from time to time and have an endless money pit. Is that too much to ask? 🤔

HOPING – Everybody is safe in the Philippines. If my memory serves me right there are 3 typhoons lined up entering my home country’s area of responsibility. Why?!

WEARING- PJs. You guys may have already noticed by now, I do TSC at night.

LOVING – I tried doing Tiktok live earlier this evening. It was nice. People joined and went out right away. And then, there are people who stayed. I can’t thank them enough.

WANTING – I want a loyal audience for my blog, vlog and other social media outlets. People who understands my quirks and kagagahan. Kahit 100k in total sa lahat ng social media outlets ko, happy na ako. I just want to put it out here and have the universe listen. Sometimes, pag kinikimkim ko lang sa loob ko, hanggang dun na lang e. I-manifest ko lang, out loud. I don’t care if you call me ambisyosa. I just want another aspect of my identity out there. I don’t want to be monotonous na bahay-work-bahay-bayad ng bills then repeat. It’s so boring.

NEEDING – A vacation. Tayong lahat.

FEELING – Tired x5 pa din. I haven’t filmed a video for that yet. As mentioned from my previous TSC.

CLICKING – My e-mail. Had to deal with some of my stuff.


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