It All Started in Puerto Galera

When I was in nursing school, I attended our org meetings. We get to introduce ourselves and share your dream vacation place. Ate Carla mentioned she wants to go to El Nido, Palawan. She knows that, once she\’s been there, she could go anywhere. 
For me, Puerto Galera was my baptism of fire, to every leisure travel that I went to. My first ever independent trip was in Pangasinan + Baguio with my sister (we broke the barriers of what-ifs and maybes). Puerto Galera was the flagship of independence. Wherein, I plan and just go!
This is my first ever trip to a beach where people my age \”ay pinagsawaan na ang lugar.\” As they say, it\’s never too late to try.

I\’m thankful for the advent of cheap airfares, travel bloggers, review sites and alternative transpos. I do most of my research from reviews and recommendations of friends.
BTW if you\’re going to Puerto Galera, White Beach, I recommend this place.

I met the manager at work. Her mom was being treated in the hospital that I worked for. She\’s nice enough to offer the place. I\’ve never stayed there but, my sister recommended it to some of her friends and they liked it. You can check out tripadvisor for reviews.

I\’ve been to a handful of  places now. I\’m making my mark one footprint at a time. Maybe this is why the world is huge. It\’s meant to be explored. I maybe late but, it\’s better late than never…

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