Picture, Picture!!!!

Since technology has given birth to digital cameras, our lives were never the same. Mandatory food shots, selfies, model-modelan poses, tongue stuck-out face and duck lips are all over. I\’m won\’t deny that I also did that. If you were my friend during the hey days of multiply, its evident on my pictures there. But I don\’t pose multiple times and post everything at the same time. Imagine if you do this when films are still uso, sayang ang film! I found out I have an angle in photos that looks good on me. The best of all, I can delete pictures that I don\’t want *insert evil laugh*.

I remember I had a crush with this college jock, I followed him on Multiply. He\’s handsome and all but I was turned off because he turns out to be narcissistic and posts a lot of his face in multiple albums. Eye torture! I just unfollowed him. There\’s also this Jessica Soho feature on her show about the picture culture. There was a featured mag-ama where in the father is an OFW and her teenage daughter is back in Manila. This Girlie tends to capture her activities of daily living by taking pictures. Selfies with a comb (toothbrush with toothpaste, spoon and fork or whichever she is doing on that day) . But her dad is happy that he gets to see his daughter through pictures. 

But of course who am I to stop all of them?! #walangbasaganngtrip #YOLO according to hash taggers.

Actually the problem is: oversharing. Social media had given all of us the freedom to share whatever we want. I have to digress though, because this is a free world. What do I do? Specially if the temptation to say something is staring right in my face. Do the art of DEADMA and click unsubscribe. Yep! If you don\’t want to unfriend but you hate to see their faces in your newsfeed, UNSUBCRIBE. I have no problem with instagram because I choose who I follow.

Apparently, I\’m not the only one who noticed. I read one article in Thought Catalog about the hand-on-your-hip picture. For the record, putting your hands on the hip can help reduce the look of you arm in pictures.
This is what the Word of The Lourd has to say. We share sentiments but Lourd deVeyra\’s view has related it to social implications.

Even a song by Tanya Markova subtlety describes love and pictures.

Just sayin\’ it turns out that some of us just noticed.


2 thoughts on “Picture, Picture!!!!

  1. Matatanda na tayo kasi we're way over that phase. Haha. Ang sakit sa mata kasi ng album na puro mukha lang tapos iba-ibang anggulo.


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