I\’m a Video Noob

I\’ve been doing some video editing with the use of some apps. It\’s new to me because, all this time I\’m more of a photo-taking enthusiast. Making a story look and sound coherent is tedious as compared to photo-editing. What I didn\’t expect was, I liked doing it. It makes me happy that I can tell stories through another medium. I foresee making vlog for a change. I have to work on my stutter (my greatest enemy in oral recitations during Nursing school). I want to try my hands on editing with a software using a computer (of course I have to do some research on this). Well for now I need to maximize my resources.
I\’m using apps like Lightt, Cameo, Flipagram, StopMotion and Magisto. Among the five, I like Cameo the best because it\’s easy to use. Next is Flipagram because you can use your photos to turn it into videos with music. I highly suggest to experiment with the 5 apps or other editing apps and you\’re likely to end up with unique results.

The Seaworld video was my first edit ever! It was taken during my birthday, that makes it extra special. While the PETCO park video was during my Downtown San Diego outing with my sis-in-law Ate Marilou.


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