The Sunday Currently || 015


READING – None. I haven’t started a new book lately.


LISTEN – While typing this, I’m listening to Boy Abunda’s interview with Claudine Barretto. I’m just glad she’s all good with her sister Gretchen. (Wow showbiz 😂)

THINKING – What to eat? Since I’m watching/listening to Claudine Barretto, I’m wondering where did I put those pictures of her that I collected when I was young. Yes, naging idol ko si Clau (Wow faney 😅).

SMELLING – My robe. Hindi na amoy Downy.

WISHING – My video archive will magically edit itself in to my liking 😅.

HOPING – I can organize to organize some stuff in my desk.

WEARING – PJs and my red robe.

LOVING – Gourmet Bavarian Nut that I buy in the Navy Exchange on 32nd street.

WANTING – Another Prada purse, my original love at first sight purse. I just hope it’s available in black.

NEEDING – Chiropractor session and a massage.

FEELING – Confused. I’m not sure, which activities should I do first.

CLICKING – Prada website.

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