The Sunday Currently || 016


I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation recently. Youtube may be cool but it also makes me feel sh*t at times. Isama ko na din ang instagram. That’s why I stopped posting regularly at YT and I deactivated from IG. I activated my IG account recently because, I need to promote a product from Influenster. Afterwards, I will be deactivating again. I want to do some stuff out of social media. It’s a noisy world and I just need time to shut it off.

READING – The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins. I’m still at chapter 1 and I’m liking every word written.

WRITING – None. But I would like to get back to it.

LISTEN – The dryer. Joseph is doing the laundry tonight

THINKING – Whether I will be signing up for Pilates or Pure Barre.

SMELLING – I just applied my lip care moisturizer. Not fragrant at all. Just the way I like it.

WISHING – I’m back to my Ideal Body Weight tomorrow 😅.

HOPING – Everything is gonna be alright.

WEARING- PJs #forever

LOVING – Beauty Water from Sephora. It’s also available at Soko Glam.

WANTING – A new camera, Canon mirrorless EOS M50.

NEEDING – A massage!!!!!!

FEELING – Tired and sleepy. It’s a long day.

CLICKING – Amazon. I want to buy something.


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