The Sunday Currently || 030


I did some gardening today. Mixed and mashed my compost bin, “beautified” 2 of my succulent pots, pruned my repotted lemon tree, cleaned up soil “pan” and swept the dry leaves. I promise konti lang ito 😅. #plantita

READING – Waley!

WRITING – Waley! Sabi ko pa naman I will write more 😅

LISTEN – Fight club press con. My husband is watching it, I’m not personally into it.

THINKING – What to eat tomorrow😅.

SMELLING – The burnt oat meal that Joseph prepared without water!? 🤯

WISHING – I could stop time and do everything in a split second.

HOPING – Covid-19 will sit down and shut the f*** up!


LOVING – The sewing kit I got from Miniso -Glorietta. This was from the time I vacationed in the Philippines. I just love that its organized and not in a biscuit tin can 😅.

WANTING – I want a lot of things. Randomly thinking of getting an insta360 go cam. It’s sooooo small! It functions almost like my GoPro 7 minus the bulk.

Photo from Insta360

NEEDING – my chiropractic care. I need to hear my spine sound-off real bad.

FEELING – Tired.

CLICKING – I’ve been hanging out over at and lately for the latest Philippines showbiz chika.

I like as a credible showbiz news site. Fashion pulis is the summarization of what is in pep + impeccably worded blind items + “street” comments. I love it!


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently || 030

    1. Hi Venus! Thanks for dropping by. I got this idea from Maine Mendoza hehehehe. But yeah, this definitely helps to keep the blog vibes going. Personally speaking, I find myself relying too much on social media.


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