Transformers 3

I like this better than the 2nd installment movie.

  1. It\’s a Battle of the Hotties:  Josh Duhamel and Patrick Dempsey.
  2. The special effects are crazy! 
  3. There\’s more humour to it. 
  4. T3 shows Sam Witwicky\’s growing up pains. From an awkward high school student, a new kid in college and an unemployed college graduate.
  5. Fight scenes are a drag. It shows too much of everything. 
  6. Sam\’s girlfriend is very simple yet elegantly sexy. 
  7. The Autobots are cool dudes!
  8. The scene where Bumble Bee was about to get killed was heart wrenching. Imagine a friend or a love one is being killed and you can\’t do anything about it.
  9. Ang kulit nung dalawang maliit na robot tska yung robots na gumawa ng spaceship.
  10. Simmons and his assistant are hilarious. 
  11. If I\’m a car lover, I would ogle at the pre-transformation vehicle of these robots. Not to mention the collection of cars that\’s owned by Dylan Gould.

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