Varsity Blues

I\’ve been a bench-warmer in one of our 2 games during the elimination round of the inter school volleyball games. It was a horrible feeling! Since then, I knew I\’m a delusional wannabe volleyball player. I tried to convince myself again during the summer before college. It wasn\’t really for me. I\’m totally useless even if I just fill-up the team line-up. SERIOUSLY!
I laud JVdB\’s character. He has the football talent but, doesn\’t seem to care if he\’s drilling a hole in the bench.  Townspeople are like, \”What\’s wrong with him?!\” In the end, he\’s the unlikely hero.
Moral Lesson: 
  1. Never trust a girl donning a whipped cream bikini.
  2. Jocks can excel in academics.
  3. Jocks are emotional too.
  4. Comparing is lethal, it could break your nose.
  5. Bacon is so cute!
  6. The coach is a bad example. I think he should get some advice from Coach Carter.
  7. Never let steroids ruin your athletic life. NOT worth it.

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