Me! A Writer?!

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Hack.PH to be a web content writer. They are offering their site as a launch pad for my blog (meaning more readers/visitors thus an increased audience share). I feel honored, never in my life would someone offer me a writing job. Frankly speaking, my writing skills sucks. I could still remember taking up some writing workshop when I was in college. Though I became a writer for the school paper in my previous schools, it was derived to the school\’s regulations, theme, news etc. Then it has to be edited by my editors and adviser. Final approval comes from the principal.   On my first IELTS exam I failed to get a good grade for writing. With blogging, I write on my own pace, informality makes me comfortable and improve my English writing. I\’m really surprised…seriously.
Second was the topic/subject. I\’m no expert nor even near knowledgeable about information technology, internet security etc. I know my limitations and it\’s not my forte. I have to say no but, I will be forever grateful for asking me.
Mind you I remember telling my college friends that I want to join and win a Palanca. Well, I\’m still open to the idea.
For those interested to be a web content writer, send an e-mail to Jennifer Mendoza on

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