The Sunday Currently || 034


Baligtad yung kuha 😂

Hey there! I’m a mom now 🥰. I was supposed to write TSC for the last two Sundays but I was on zombie 🧟‍♀️ mom mode 😅. The struggle is real! But then again, my daughter’s well-being is more important than any other. I’m able to blog now because my daughter is already fed and diapers has been changed. Kaya ayan orlok na 😁.

So how am I doing post partum? I’m OK. I’m not in my best honestly speaking due to lack of sleep, raging hormones and less than stellar amounts of breastmilk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at my happiest because I’m able to take care of my little bundle of joy. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything that all is rainbow and butterflies. I have my own share of lutang moments. Kaya naman I said na we are OK it means, maayos kami. My current take-away from this life change is, as long my daughter has adequate intake, peeing and pooping within normal limits, sleeping comfortably and not sick…OK kami. I talk to my mom and a few mom friends for mom advice. I get my medical advice from my sister,, reputable books and of course call the Pediatrician’s clinic. The rest are just noise for me. Because the more you hear stuff that you don’t do, mom guilt takes over. This is the worst feeling ever. That’s why I filter who I speak to.

READING – While baby is sleeping, Lore of Olympus. My good old Webtoons 🥰.

WRITING – This 😅

LISTENING – Birds chirping from my child’s Graco Rocker. My daughter loves this chair. Srsly!

THINKING – What to eat 😂. I may be a mom now but some things never change.


WISHING – I could nap later 😃.

HOPING – This pandemic is over!

WEARING– PJ’s with an oversized red robe.

LOVING – My neck massager! I don’t know what I will do without it!

WANTING – An actual massage. Super Deep Tissue Massage please!!!!!

NEEDING – Pedi. But I have to do it myself, I need to remove some in-grown nails 😬. Sorry TMI.

FEELING – Overwhelmed.

CLICKING – Skims. Thinking of getting some detachable bra cups for breastfeeding.


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