The Sunday Currently || 035


I’m waiting for my daughter’s next feeding then we are off to bed.

It’s close to a month since giving birth, medyo nasasanay na kami kahit paano. I won’t call ourselves experts, we are very far from it. As I said since day one, we learn as we go through this journey. I believe every kid has a different personality that’s why there are different approaches on handling children. For me, as long as my kid is healthy and well, happy na ako 🥰.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes. I mean for more than 8 years, kaming mag-asawa lang. I have to admit, na-aning din ako na we have a little human being who needs our complete attention 24/7. That’s why I do things one day at a time. Asikasuhin ang urgent concerns at ipagpabukas ang pwedeng ipagpabukas. Kasi stress drillon lang ang outcome, pag magpaka toxic ako. I don’t deserve the visible fine lines noh! Basta I keep things simple…TAPOS!

READING – I recently read to my daughter Si Botbot Kulubot Ang Asong Kulubot. What amazes me is she is less than a month old pero nakakakuha ako ng sensory reaction sa kanya when I read to her. I’ve read somewhere, to start early on reading stories to kids. I want to start with stories about our Filipino heritage. Kaya I’m thankful Tahanan Books is just a click away.

WRITING – More to do list 😅

LISTENING – My daughter’s rocker sound and streaming of Energy FM with Gandang Kara and Lindsey

THINKING – What time I will wake up tomorrow.


WISHING – Unlimited money 😅.

HOPING – Everything will be better.

WEARING– Pambahay 😅. I’m out of PJ’s. We haven’t done laundry yet.

LOVING – The Lactation Ball Recipe. I strictly followed the recipe. I find it too sweet for my taste though. I’ll tweak it the next time.

WANTING – To start a small business. It’s always in my mind but I have no concrete plans for it yet.

NEEDING – DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. My provider just cleared me to go for it. Finally!

FEELING – A little relaxed…somehow.

CLICKING – I’ve been checking out baby girl clothes on Old Navy. Just because 🥰.


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